Awake in the Night Land


From the staggeringly talented John C. Wright - an epic collection of four of John C. Wright’s brilliant forays into the dark fantasy world of William Hope Hodgson’s 1912 novel, The Night Land.


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26 Oct

Sopwith Camels and 747s - The BFR's Military and Strategic Implications

Last month, Elon Musk gave us a new, revised version of the SpaceX development roadmap. Last year’s ITS is now a (slightly) smaller BFR.

12 Jul

Space Marines!

I'd seen the rumors that Congress was discussing the creation of a United States Space Corps.

27 Jun

NASA's Wet Workshop concept revived

NanoRacks out of Houston, Texas is leading a group that proposes to use spent second stage fuel tanks from rockets built by United Launch Alliance

27 Jun

Elon Musk Status Update

It's been a busy time in Elon Musk land. This last weekend, SpaceX launched and landed two rockets in 48 hours - one of them new, one reused.


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