Awake in the Night Land


From the staggeringly talented John C. Wright - an epic collection of four of John C. Wright’s brilliant forays into the dark fantasy world of William Hope Hodgson’s 1912 novel, The Night Land.


The Yawfle stares and stares and stares... at tech news, without the SJW shenanigans

About the Yawfle

The Yawfle aims to provide you, the discriminating and judgmental reader, with all the tech news you could possibly use. But that's not enough. We also provide this coverage without the cringe-worthy SJW stylings found on brand X tech news sites. Here you can read about the latest software, superhero movies, and space launches and not be subjected to laborious discussion of the minority composition of the teams producing the software, movies or launches. Here you can see an article about how we might not be about to all drown from rising sea levels by next Tuesday but instead, thoughtful pieces on how computer models work.

In short, tech news for conservatives, libertarians, and reactionaries who have grown tired of insults and condescension.


The Yawfle has several kinds of content:


You need to know about everything that's happening in tech. We don't have time to write insightful and clever articles about every single development. The one-shot is three things: a pithy title, once sentence of commentary, and a quick and easy "GO" button to take you right to the source if you want to know more. Find all our one-shots here, or on the archive with everything else.


The meat and potatoes of the Yawfle. This is your basic article on a topic that interests us, and you. Articles have a link box in the sidebar where you can find links to source articles, additional context and research, and similar coverage from past Yawfle articles. The six most recent articles are always on the front page, and all the rest can be found in our archive - or click on 'search' in the menu to get there.


About once a week, the Yawfle will serve up a longer, in-depth piece on a topic of interest. More reporting, more writing, more fun. All of all our longform articles can be found by clicking on the word longform in the main menu.


Less frequently, the Yawfle will conduct exhaustive research and offer up a review. The idea here is to approach a category of software and try to determine which app is best. We'll discuss all the major options, and then judge. All our reviews can be found on the review page, available in the main menu.


All our content has both tags and topics. And on top of that, we have Features. What does it all mean?


Topics are the big categories, and archive pages for each are available in the main menu. We don't imagine these will change much, but they cover the major areas of tech interest.


Tags are more specific. When you're looking at an article - you can see the tags right there at the bottom. Click on a tag, and see every bit of content that was tagged the same.


Some things on the Yawfle, like in life, are repetitive. Since we can be sure that there'll be more superhero movies - we have a superhero movie news feature. Likewise Retro-Tech - where we dip back into the past and examine some bit of tech that never quite made it. But maybe it should have. Features also encompass recurring pieces from guest authors - and eventually, staff columnists.

What Else Is There?

Quite a lot.

  • There's the Yawfle Forums, where you can talk about all this fun stuff with like-minded, clever and attractive people.
  • You can help us out by contributing links, articles, or money. You can sponsor the Yawfle to get your thing in front of lots of people. Find out about all of that on our Sponsor page.
  • We've made the Yawfle easy to consume. Check out the Feed page to see how to get Yawfle content via social media, rss, or even (gasp) email.

Who's in Charge of this Shit Show?

The Yawfle became reality thanks to the efforts of Stephen Hardesty, a writer and web developer who resides in the wastelands of west south central Pennsylvania.



The Yawfle stares and stares and stares... at tech news, without the SJW shenanigans