Awake in the Night Land


From the staggeringly talented John C. Wright - an epic collection of four of John C. Wright’s brilliant forays into the dark fantasy world of William Hope Hodgson’s 1912 novel, The Night Land.


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26 Oct

Sopwith Camels and 747s - The BFR's Military and Strategic Implications

Last month, Elon Musk gave us a new, revised version of the SpaceX development roadmap. Last year’s ITS is now a (slightly) smaller BFR.

09 Sep

An Unexpected Absence

Taking ill, combined with a sudden lack of internet is not conducive to regular posting.

02 Aug

Today in Apple Financial News

Apple released its quarterly earnings report, and the news is good. For Apple. The quick summary:

02 Aug

What Does the Tesla 3 Mean?

The Tesla Model 3 debuted last Friday to generally positive reviews.

24 Jul

New Trailers of Note

Several trailers dropped over the last couple days. Here's the Yawfle's favorites:

13 Jul

How to Escape the Progressive Filter

Jon Del Arroz recently

12 Jul

Space Marines!

I'd seen the rumors that Congress was discussing the creation of a United States Space Corps.

07 Jul

Introducing The Yawfle

Welcome to The Yawfle.

07 Jul

Climate Change Heterodoxy

Years of reading mainstream tech journalism has often been a painful experience.

06 Jul

Superhero Movie List

It’s been a banner year so far for superhero movies.

28 Jun

FOBS: Fractional Orbital Bombardment System

On March 15, 1962 - during the run up to the Cuban Missile Crisis, Soviet First Secretary Khruschev said,

27 Jun

NASA's Wet Workshop concept revived

NanoRacks out of Houston, Texas is leading a group that proposes to use spent second stage fuel tanks from rockets built by United Launch Alliance

27 Jun

Elon Musk Status Update

It's been a busy time in Elon Musk land. This last weekend, SpaceX launched and landed two rockets in 48 hours - one of them new, one reused.

26 Jun

You May Have Heard that there's a Spider-Man Movie

So, there's a Spider-Man movie coming out. Under ordinary circumstances, this would be cause for much trepidation.

08 Jun

iOS 11 focuses on iPad

Apple revealed this week its newest iteration of the mobile operating system, cleverly named ’11’.

apple ipads
07 Jun

Apple releases a couple new things

Apple had its big WWDC event, and perhaps unsurprisingly, they announced some things.


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