Apple releases a couple new things

apple ipads

Apple had its big WWDC event, and perhaps unsurprisingly, they announced some things. Those things included new versions of operating systems, an anticipated home speaker, updated iMacs and MacBooks, and looming largest on the Yawfle's Christmas list, a new iPad Pro.

For the moment, we'll focus on iOS 11 and the new 10.5" iPad for purely selfish (and practical) reasons. The 12.9" iPad Pro is essentially the same on the outside - but gets the same benefits as its newer, smaller brother.

So, what's the big deal? Key difference: 20% larger screen, same exterior dimensions. All the other upgrades are welcome incremental improvements in the typical Apple fashion - brighter screen, better colors, faster refresh and better responsiveness from both touch and pencil input. A better processor - the A10X Fusion chip - will provide 30% faster number crunching compared to the previous models, and 40% faster graphics. Better cameras, support for USB 3 data transfer speeds and faster charging with USB-C adapters. But it's the screen, really. That larger screen crammed into the same form factor as the now-vanished 9.7" iPad Pro allows a full-sized keyboard onscreen, as well as support for a full-size smart keyboard layout. And still only one pound in heft.


This is the iPad that will replace the aging iPad 2 Air in the Yawfle household. The screen is a big draw, clearly. But improvements to iOS are equally attractive. For once, iOS seems to be taking direction from macOS rather than the opposite, and this is a welcome change. Hands-on testing will be required, but it looks like the adding a dock, a files app and better multitasking support will make this much closer to the not quite a laptop that we've always wanted.

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