New Trailers of Note

Several trailers dropped over the last couple days. Here's the Yawfle's favorites:

TV first. Star Trek Discovery is looking mildly converged. Diversity checkboxes all checked. Yet, Star Trek somehow manages to not cross over the event horizon, though how it manages is one of life's great mysteries.

- star trek discovery

Stranger Things was one of my most enjoyed shows last summer. Season 2 is looking grim and awesome.

- stranger things

Justice League continues to look fun. Unlike all DC movies before Wonder Woman. Perhaps they've turned a corner.

- justice league

Ready Player One was a deeply fun book. Looks like the movie intends to capture at least some of that feel. And Steven Spielberg is perhaps the perfect director for this project.

- ready player one

Finally, Thor: Ragnarok. I think Marvel is going to manage to push out three top-notch MCU entries this year. Looking forward to this, and a Hulk/Thor smashfest.

- thor ragnarok

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