Superhero Movie List

It’s been a banner year so far for superhero movies. We’ve had the The LEGO Batman movie, the best X-Men movie, the best DC movie, another great MCU flick, and the current year is only half done.

Looming largest on the radar is Spider-Man: Homecoming which opens late tonight. Early indications are pretty positive, and I’ll be taking my son to see that one as soon as schedules allow. 

Looking further out, what do we have? A lot:

Inhumans 9.1.2017
Thor: Ragnarok 11.3.2017
Justice League 11.17.2017
Black Panther 2.16.2018
The Flash 3.23.2018
Avengers: Infinity War 5.4.2018
Deadpool 2 6.1.2018
The Incredibles 2 6.15.2018
Ant-Man and The Wasp 7.6.2018
Venom 10.5.2018
X-Men: Dark Phoenix 11.2.2018
Aquaman 12.21.2018


I’m throwing the Inhumans in there, even though it’s a tv show because the first two episodes are going to premier on IMAX screens. That’s a lot like a movie.

Counting Spider-Man, if my math is correct that’s a baker’s dozen of superhero movies in the next year and a half. I’d have thought (decades ago) that if I was confronted by the thought of a new, big-budget superhero movie coming out on average every other month, I’d grow weary of the prospect.

Strangely, though, I haven’t. Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is still firing on all cylinders, and if they continue to produce films of quality, well, I won’t stop watching. And now that DC (Wonder Woman) and even the X-Men universe (Logan, and to be honest the semi-reboot with Fassbender and company) appear to be getting their collective acts together, we’ll hopefully be seeing more good flicks.

And any world that has more Deadpool movies in it is a good world.

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