Awake in the Night Land


From the staggeringly talented John C. Wright - an epic collection of four of John C. Wright’s brilliant forays into the dark fantasy world of William Hope Hodgson’s 1912 novel, The Night Land.


Russia Buys Ground Combat Robots

In the middle term, robot tanks will be increasingly important.

Mike Griffin to Lead Defense Procurement

In his defense, he got really good at wasting money as head of NASA

Scenario for a Pre-Emptive Strike on NK

Speculates that it wouldn't be cruise missiles, instead b-2s leading

All You Need Is the Detonator

Via Isegoria. This is the wave of the future. There will be lots more.

US Army Wants Internet-of-War

Given the security issues with IoT, might not be so clever

Navy Deploys Operational Laser Weapon

LaWS deployed on the USS Ponce. Which name seems tragic or oddly apt.

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